Taking A Step Back….

I’m going to take a step back from talking about pro sports for this post and talk about something that’s been bugging me for the last few weeks. Sports are just games. Any sports, from basketball to rugby, are just games. Yeah, there are winners and losers and whoever wins gets to bask in the glory of their triumph and the losers try to figure out what went wrong. For me, I’m a basketball player but I’m more of a fan, at best. The chances of playing on a college team are slim to none. The chances on playing in the NBA, less than that. Would I like to play college ball or in the NBA? Of course, but, will I? Probably not. My point is that we never know what is going to happen in our lives. Example being, Wes Leonard, a 16-year-old high schooler in Michigan, died of cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart. He hit the game winning shot that sent his team  to the playoffs and seconds later was on the ground. He probably had friends and family members that cared about him and did not want to see him go so soon. If that was any of us, it would be the same way. Sports is just another event that we participate in this thing called life. No matter the circumstance or the situation. No matter if there is five seconds or twenty minutes on the clock. It’s all just a game. Life surronds it all and we are just living it.


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