Trade deadline passes. Good enough?

Today the ability to make an NBA trade has expired. That is not to say we havent seen one of the most shocking and action filled trades in the history of any mid season in the NBA.

We all knew Anthony was likely going to be wearing a new uniform at this time. However, I am quite surprised that Denver let him go for what they got in return. Granted the Knicks did give up 4 starters and 2 first round picks. But lets do a little statistics… What are the chances that one of those first round picks or the 4 former Knicks  turning into an NBA superstar? I don’t know either, but it is not likely. Also, Billups has been severely underlooked in this deal. Why a proven veteran champion is being treated like a throw in, I will never know. The bottom line is every championship team needs at least 2 stars. Now that the Knicks have that, they can build around Anthony and Staudemire in order to form a legit championship conteding team.


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