Young to Rangers: He won’t be a distraction

According to various media outlets, Michael Young reportedly spoke to his teammates before their first full team workout on Sunday. He was quoted as saying that he wouldn’t be a distraction and the whole situation was talked about more than the Rangers getting ready for the season and he saw it as being unnecessary. He continued to say that he had regrets that the whole situation went public but had no regrets about his decision making but wanted to move on from everything. This is a very welcomed sign from the longest-tenured Ranger, I think. Young is showing professionalism and is putting all the extra cirricular stuff on the back-burner. All he is focused about, right now anyways, is this team and this season. He is not worried about where he could get traded or the fact that he asked for a trade or is unhappy with his movement in positions. He is doing what he needs to for the team. This is what the leader of the Rangers needed to do. Whether its play first, DH, or he could ride the bench for all I care. He is a being a leader by just being at training camp and saying that he won’t be a distraction. If I may quote him, “Baseball is baseball, There’s no reinventing the wheel. You go out there and react what the game gives you.”


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